If you have received a refusal decision for your spouse visa you will likely be able to pursue a spouse visa appeal. This is a process that allows you to challenge the decision to refuse your request of the Agency of the UK's borders.

You will have 28 days from the date of receipt of the decision to submit your appeal. The call for spousal visa must be submitted to the Tribunal in the UK on the appropriate form and documents and representations in support. You can check out the more about immigration appeals via https://www.pushlegalservices.co.uk/our-services-2/eea-citizen/.

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The Tribunal will distribute the mail to tender documents which the initial refusal decision was made and an entry clearance manager will review the decision. The Entry Clearance Manager will have the ability to turn too and refusal to grant the visa.

If opts Entry Clearance Manager to maintain the refusal decision, the case is referred to the Court in the United Kingdom and the question will be given for an immigration hearing.

This is an opportunity to make representations in support of your appeal spousal visa. You must show the beams to the Tribunal and the Home Office before the hearing and these lines of evidence will be adduced at the hearing.