There are a number of reasons why dental care is an important element of health care, regardless of your age group. Here are some of the main reasons:

Oral hygiene is the first protection against bacteria

Bacteria or viruses will usually try to enter your system through your nose or mouth. In this case, if your oral hygiene is poor, they can work faster and reproduce quickly.

This is why it is said that oral hygiene is the first impression of one's personal hygiene. You can also get more information about dental care at

Maintain your pearly white color

Your teeth help you with almost anything – from eating, chewing, smiling, tearing and sometimes even holding back. Your teeth are based on your jaw, which plays a big role in determining your diction, language and overall facial expression. However, your smile shows a lot of things that can only be preserved with regular dental examinations.

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Infections related to the mouth or teeth spread more quickly

If you have cavities, plaque, enamel, or gum problems, these will spread fairly quickly. From tooth to tooth, cavities spread like fire, as do gums that are swollen or bleeding. Also, they could point out something more serious that requires a timely investigation.

Prevent serious problems

The problem of inadequate dental care can extend beyond gingivitis. There is a proven link between gum disease and heart problems, and gum disease can also indicate a risk of preterm labor or other pregnancy-related complications.

Increase self-confidence

The lighter side, the healthy mouth always smiles. Fresh breath, healthy gums and right teeth create a happy mood throughout the day and keep you excited. A refreshing smile pleases and invigorates everyone's mood, as demonstrated by the maintenance of good oral hygiene.