Financial advisors, also known as financial planners, have in-depth knowledge of investment, tax, and insurance law. These financial advisors use this knowledge to recommend financial alternatives to people based on their short-term and long-term goals. 

Financial advisors typically deal with college financing, retirement and real estate planning, and other investment opportunities. Some of these financial advisors offer advice on various financial matters, while others focus on more specific topics such as risk management. You can look for the finest financial advisors such as Edward Jones online.

Financial Advisor: Ask these 12 questions to hire a competent financial advisor

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A financial advisor's job usually begins with consulting a client, who provides information about their finances and financial goals. From information from their clients, financial advisors then create a comprehensive financial strategy that:-

o Identify areas that need attention

o suggest improvements 

o Identify the most appropriate investments that match the client's goals and skills

Apart from making the right financial plans, financial advisors also adapt their financial strategies to the changes in their clients' lives. Life changes that include marriage, disability, and retirement need to be considered as they can affect the client's financial plans. 

The role of financial advisors is also to discuss with their clients the impact of client changes in compensation plans, employment, and other factors. For financial advisors to be successful in their field, they must be able to properly educate their clients about the risks and various possible scenarios to prevent their clients from meeting impossible financial expectations.