Although self-publishing can be difficult for authors, it offers the advantage of being on an open path instead of a closed one. Self-publishing can be expensive as you have to pay for the work. It all depends on the author and the work produced. Like many authors, I began self-publishing with lofty dreams of great success. I still dream big.

I have made between $900 and $2,000 per year from sales. While this is not enough to pay for champagne dreams or champagne dreams, it is indicative that my writing has value and that I will enjoy a long-term return on investment. The content of my novels and nonfiction is not affected by current events.

My current sales will continue to grow if I maintain my modest marketing efforts. Even though my sales are low, I still enjoy reaching readers and making some extra income through my creative pursuits. You can also make a living by self publishing book via

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Self-publishers are seeking the satisfaction of being published. They want to be acknowledged, even on a smaller scale. Self-publishing allows blossoming writers to achieve a final product instead of a stack of paper in a closet or a computer file hunkered in the ultimate obscurity of a single hard drive. Achieving a final form is easier to accomplish for other artists.

A musician can play his or her music and be heard, even if it is on a street corner or a small local stage. An artist can paint a picture and hang it on a wall for others to see. But a writer has to find a way to bundle his or her text into a form in which it can be distributed to potential readers. This form can be paper books or ebooks. Self-publishing is essentially the finishing stage for writers who feel that their work is ready to be read.