Complications of diabetes such as blindness and amputations are a result of high blood sugar over time. They do not appear suddenly and are often difficult to spot until major damage has occurred. That's why this list of seven ways to avoid complications is such a valuable tool.

The list is simple and basic, and everything in it is something other people have done to change their outcomes as type 2 diabetes. People live in a chronic condition and it will deplete their bodies after a while. This list will help you reduce complications from diabetes. You can also take help from the best diabetes doctor in San Antonio TX.

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Become a type 2 diabetes expert. Diabetes education will give you an understanding of the complications of diabetes and what to look out for. Help you understand the importance of good blood sugar for your hemoglobin A1C. You will understand why exercise and a low glycemic index diet are helpful for type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes training requires quitting smoking and monitoring alcohol consumption. People with diabetes have the same risk of cardiovascular complications as people who have had a heart attack, and smokers with diabetes are three times more likely to die from heart disease than people without diabetes.

Diabetes complications from not eating or drinking too much alcohol won't surprise you, knowing how alcohol affects blood sugar levels. Knowing the risks will not result in a sudden reaction to low blood sugar or a diabetic alcohol coma.