There are endless possibilities for a beach-themed wedding. The best thing about a beach theme wedding is the freedom it gives you to be creative. The mood can be set by the beach depending on the day. You can book Waimanalo beach wedding online via

14 Beach-Themed Wedding Ideas for an Oceanfront Venue

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It is beautiful at sunrise and sunset. The heart of activity, excitement, and fun is mid-day. Nature has already created a beautiful scene for you. You don't need to decorate! Do you plan an intimate wedding?

A dawn or dusk ceremony on the beach will set the scene for your romantic and intimate wedding. Your wedding photos will be stunning against the backdrop of either sunset or sunrise.

If you are looking to tell the world and gather a lot of people, then a mid-summer "beach-side bash" (or fantasy beach wedding) is the way to go. Your guests are welcome to participate in a beach wedding. Everyone has fun.

These are some ideas to get you started…

* You can have a pirate wedding. Hire costumes and decorate them with fake gold coins, jewelry, and treasure chests. You can even go on a treasure hunt. You can sail into the sunset when you are done.

* A Western theme for a beach wedding would be fun! Horseback riding is allowed on many beaches. 

* Popular are butterfly weddings. Beautiful colors of yellow and orange would look great with butterflies interwoven between the flowers in your bouquet and tiara. For the men, use butterflies as boutonnieres.