No one really believes you or what you say about your own business. Why should? But people will listen to what other people have to say about your business. If they know and trust the person, all the better. You can also visit to know more about testimonial videos. 

Even if they don't, they're more likely to believe that a stranger (or better yet, a group of strangers) is talking about you than you are talking about you. This is why testimonials are so powerful.

Before you start your next recommended video, here are nine things to keep in mind:

Did you make an appointment before filming? The best time investment you can make is to make a pre-shoot appointment with the interviewee to guide them through the process. One of the reasons this isn't the case is because of the price – often your clients won't want to pay the extra time to prepare photos, but it's probably the most important time investment of the entire project. 

You get to know the people you're talking to, introduce them to you and the shooting process (and feel comfortable with them), have to do a field trip before shooting and can understand what they want to say or not when you start shooting. All of this gives you time to plan and prepare your photos.

What is the general style of the video? Is your video just a talking head of someone seating on a living space couch or behind your desk in the office, or is it a video that includes footage of your customers actually using your product or service? 

A budget dictates how much effort you put into your video, but it doesn't take much more to photograph the person you're interviewing actually doing something.