We have noticed that business managers or entity owners are spending most of their time in their businesses. Is it not that they should be spending a few hours only a week, on the business rather than in the business?

This is the real scenario for managers who are manning the business 24/7. They do not have time for a vacation. There is no time for reading their favorite books. Nor is he giving himself time, alone, and free from the hassles of the world. It is what he needs, not only as a manager but as a human being. If that is not what we also needed with our very demanding jobs, then tell me what is.

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Managers need to set goals. If they put their lives trying to figure out what's wrong and finding solutions to problems most of the time, it is possible that goals are not focused upon. Time for friends and families is, likewise, being neglected by him. The fundamental issue here is that these managers really, can cut short their working hours for the industry and still achieve what they need to achieve.

He can of course ask for the assistance of a business coach; a God-sent individual for business executives who have no time for themselves; an executive who has not met his relatives for so long; who has not mingled with his acquaintances over time. With the coach, he can already feel relaxed, be away from the business in a couple of days or weeks.

He will be surprised to hear the business still operates without interruptions. Its operation is correctly looked upon; functions are properly delegated by a reliable and committed person, the business coach.

A committed coach helps clients set goals, and reduces the client's time in running the business. It gives the owner some time to enjoy a holiday, has great laughter with comrades and his long-lost associates. While taking pleasure in that comforting, tense-free situation, the business coach assures that the company continues to be maximizing the earnings and even more.