If you're looking to make a music recording, you'll need the help of a professional recording studio. Here are some tips to make your music session a success:

1. Choose the Right Recording Studio: Not all studios are equal, and some will provide better sound than others. Make sure to research which studios in Perth provide the best quality recordings. You can also find a music studio by hopping over to this link.

2. Plan Your Session Properly: Before your music session begins, make sure to schedule everything properly. This includes setting up times for rehearsing, recording, and mixing. Remember to account for any delays that might occur along the way.

3. Prepare Your Instruments Properly: Make sure your instruments are in good condition before your session begins. If they aren't in good condition, your recordings will suffer as a result. Also, be sure to prepare any backing tracks or accompaniments that you will be using during the session.

4. Have Fun! The whole point of making music is to have fun, and nothing ruins a recording session like the tension between band members or feeling rushed. If things start to feel too tough, take a break and come back later when you're feeling more relaxed.

It's easier to record with one take than it is to do so with multiple takes that sometimes sound better.