Crowd control is a critical aspect of any event, where we are helping to recognise and promote the most creative, productive and harmonious combination of people. Barriers provide a secure way to introduce some form of personal protection – keeping staff or members safe from outside threats. Whatever the size of the event and whatever your budget, we have the solution you. And the name of the solution is retractable stanchions. Buy stanchions online via Alpha Crowd Control at

Stanchions can be used to create a safe environment during events and gatherings, where you need an area that can be easily reused. These stanchions are able to be adjusted in length and stored easily thanks to the retractable belts.  

Stanchions can help to support crowd control and queuing in various ways. They provide a barrier or barricade for taking pictures, acting as an optical barrier at sporting events, helping to cordon off restricted access areas and enhancing the customer experience with the internal and external flow by improving customer flow and making efficient use of space.

Using retractable stanchions can help you provide additional space for customers, while still maintaining your business’s organization and consistency. Not only do customers feel comfortable and welcome when lining up in a queue, but they also feel like they are being treated well due to the organization that these stanchions provide. By creating organized lineups rather than unstructured queues, retractable stanchions help you manage your crowd and keep your business flowing.