Job burnout is a terrible place to be emotional. Caused by unending pressure and stress burnout makes you feel tired, you dread showing up at work and while you're there everything feels like a weight tied around your neck. You can not relax, and to make matters worse it can feel like all you do is a waste of time and energy.

For those who've been noticing work feels like an ever-growing ordeal, it's possible that you're starting to reach burnout. For those in the construction, environmental, or engineering profession, this can be particularly risky not just for you, but for others who depend on you to be on your competition. Fortunately, we will discover here  some things you can do to beat fatigue and be successful in your job. 

# 1: Learn How To Walk Away

While dedication to your job is important, it shouldn't become your life. Stressing about the job when you're not on-site isn't going to make it get done any faster, and recharging your batteries for the evening without thinking about the job is just the thing to help you come back with a clear head and the focused drive you need.

# 2: Do Something You Love

This advice should not be confused with the old adage "get a career that satisfies you." If you can do then that's fine, but if you're dealing with the stress of work then you need to take some time just for you and do something that makes you feel good. Go on a fishing trip, see a play, go for a hike, or whatever activity it is that lets you unwind. It might be as simple as taking an hour to paint in your garage or working on your hobby car, but the time you spend on something you love can help you feel a lot better.