Possums are creatures that most of us in Australia are more familiar with. Opossums are baggy in shape and usually form burrows in hollow or bond trees that previously housed other animals. While they may look quite attractive at first glance, they are pests, especially if they invade your home. 

You are likely to find life underground, on roofs, warehouses, or anywhere else very interesting. You can also check for the top possum catcher in Penrith via the web.

A Step By Step Guide

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Thanks to their non-specialized biology, they are very versatile and diverse in their diet and reproductive habits, the possum or opossum as it is sometimes called, are skilled invaders and survivors.

Catching an opossum is a challenge and you may have heard the phrase "play with the opossum". This refers to the involuntary reaction of creatures when they are scared and threatened – they simply kill themselves This gives you an indication of how difficult it is to catch these creatures.

How to stop possums?

Having a fence is always a good idea, and chicken wire is one of the best options, along with its relatively low cost. The fence should be about four feet high with the top 12 inches sloping from your lawn to make climbing difficult. 

Electricity in the fence will also help, although you may prefer to use a liquid or granular repellent.

Call the experts!

If any of this sounds too overwhelming, it is wise to seek help from experts who have years of experience dealing with these pesky creatures.