Textured PPG colors and wall effects have become a highly decorating idea at home. Textured wall colors help to highlight the interior design.

Some people use textured PPG paint to add detail using techniques such as stenciling, pressure, or artificial coating. You can also look for the best PPG paint in NZ online via https://panelstore.co.nz/collections/ppg.

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Textured PPG paint lets you experiment with colors, layers, and tools to create the effect you want. Some commonly used texture PPG painting techniques that will make walls look great

Faux Finish: Helps mimic other surfaces such as marble, where paints and glazes are carefully applied to create a marbled look. Leather, wood, and many other finishes can be obtained from structured wall paint.

Templates: Handmade or store-bought templates can be used for templates, writing, quotes, and wall art.

Terrible: this technique creates the illusion of age on the walls. Use textured PPG wall paint to create an uneven old coat that is physically disturbed. You can use different effects like cracked antique paint or varnish. 

Sponge: A textured effect can be achieved by experimenting with other tools such as cloth, rag, or bag. Press the wet sponge into the glaze and apply the sponge to the wall at various levels of intensity. 

You can wring out a wrinkled wet towel or change the effect with different clothes or even plastic and paper bags. You can even search online for more information about PPG paints in NZ.