All automated swimming pool safety cap systems have the same standard design that is made up of elastic cover material, a roll upward drum, and a tracking platform with a rope carrying up reels and a powertrain. You can get to know about the best automatic pool covers via

automatic swimming pool covers

Pulling the paid material away from the pool is accomplished by the turning of the roll upward drum the cover wraps upon, while yanking the cover on to the swimming pool is accomplished by the turning of a pair of reels that the cover ropes wrap upon. 

The ropes and insulation run through a multi-channeled track with a pulley at one end. The ropes are then threaded through a pulley system which routes them into the rope pull up reels.

You'll find two primary powertrains for an automatic pool safety cover system; the first being an electrical gear motor driven and also the second being a hydraulic fluid driven.

Electric motor powered – This type of system is powered by any variety of brands and sizes of electric gear motors (suited to your size and setup of the pool cover) placed at the drive end of their mechanism. Flexible torque-limiting apparatus are used to limit stress within the system at the endings of the covers traveling as well as behaving as stop sensors. 

Hydraulic fluid power – This type of system is operated by hydraulic fluid pressure generated by means of a hydraulic pump, and this is normally located at the swimming pool equipment pad. 

The hydraulic pressure (usually below 1000 psi.) is supplied by 2 hydraulic lines out of the hydraulic pump to the hydraulic motor or engines at the drive end of the mechanism. Flexible pressure relief-valves have been used to limit stress within the device at the endings of cover travel as well as acting as stop sensors.