A lot of times when we take are brushing our teeth, the tap is left open with water pouring in continuously. Furthermore, even while taking a shower, a lot of times people simply leave the tap open while applying shampoo and soaps. During such events, a lot of water is wasted on a daily basis which can become a problem in the near future. So, the next time you head over to your bathroom, consider these water-saving tips.

  1. Properly Turn the Tap off – While shaving or brushing your teeth, make sure you turn the water off during and after use. Plus, taps are often easy to turn on and off. So, keep it off when not required.
  2. Do Regular Checks for Leaks – There are times when we often find dripping tap which leads to water wastage. Failure to give attention to such a problem can become a nightmare for you and your house. So, the next time you see a leakage and cannot seem to find a solution, call a plumber immediately.
  3. Take Less Time – A long shower is what many people recommend after a long day's hectic work. However, taking a long shower leads to excessive wastage of water even if there are no leaks. So, the next time you are inside the shower make it quick however, keep yourself clean.
  4. Use a Dual Flush System for your Toilet – Modern toilets come with a dual flush system each having its own capacity of water storage. This way you can use the one depending on the situation leading to saving more water and wasting less.

Speak to a professional in the area of Coffs Harbour for bathrooms saving water tips.