Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure that is performed to increase the size, shape, and beauty of a woman's breasts. The choice of breast enlargement was a myth among women until a few years ago. 

The demand for the process is now increasing and rapid technological advances have made the habit a reality. The result is that more and more women are enjoying the benefits of breast augmentation surgery.

breast augmentation

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The ideal candidates are those who are physically fit and realistic about their expectations. Performing this procedure guarantees the following benefits:

• Enlargement of breast size and shape

• Increased self-esteem and self-esteem

Breast implant options are available

Breast augmentation surgery is performed by placing the implant under the patient's breast. The surgeon uses a different choice of breast implants to get the desired results.

• Physiological implant: A physiological implant is a silicone bowl filled with sterile physiological water.

• Silicone gel implant: Silicone implants look more natural. Compared to saline implants, they are softer because they have a similar texture to breast tissue

Choose an experienced plastic surgeon

When considering breast augmentation surgery, find a reliable surgeon you can trust. Surgery is a complicated procedure and therefore it is important to choose the right plastic surgeon.

A skilled plastic surgeon will understand your needs, discuss your treatment plan and expectations, and perform the surgery according to your needs.