A picnic with the cool sea breeze and the sound of the waves making a beach picnic an unforgettable experience. A beach picnic is not only a fun outing, it can also turn into a great social event or romantic getaway. There are several things to consider for a picnic on the beach. You can bookthe amazing table & Eve to enjoy your event with us at an affordable price.

Find the right place

Your first inclination might be to throw a picnic basket on the beach somewhere and eat. However, depending on the beach, the weather, and personal preferences, there are a few things to consider.

What to bring

In addition to the typical items you need to take with you for a picnic, a beach picnic requires a few extra items. Applying a layer of sunscreen or carrying an umbrella can provide protection from potentially harmful UV rays. Another thing to keep in mind is towels, slippers, and a change of clothes.

Delicious picnic food on the beach

While there’s no limit to the choice of dishes you can take with you for a picnic, some foods are better suited to eating on the beach. Sand often tends to explode on food, so it is ideal to choose products that are easy to pack and protect from the sand.

Picnic activities on the beach

Swimming is the most important activity to do on the beach and bringing a boogie board, snorkel gear and surfboard can make the experience even more exciting. Likewise, kids who don’t want to get in the water can entertain for hours with shovels and buckets and build elaborate sandcastles. In the end, there is nothing to be in the sun, listen to the waves and relax.