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Termites – Protect Your Home From Bad Insects

Among the many insects that plague us, humans, termites top the list. It is known that termites and white ants can do a lot of damage. These insects are very adaptable and in fact, there are more than 2,000 species of termites worldwide.

There are several effective and very useful methods for termite inspections in San Francisco. Some of these methods are listed below with a brief description of how they work.

Termites - Protect Your Home From Bad Insects

There is probably nothing more damaging about a structure made primarily of wood than a termite colony. Termites cause more than $ 5 billion in property damage every year.

Smoking: This method is best for termites from dry wood. Even though it's expensive, it's effective. This procedure is tedious as infected structures are stretched, occupants are evacuated, and gas is pumped into the rotten wood to remove insects and their eggs.

Insecticides: Insecticides can be shot directly into a sick tree or onto the ground or soil. Holes are drilled in infected trees and chemicals are pumped through these holes. Termites dry up and die within six months.

Heat Treatment: This is one termite control technique that is very effective for getting rid of dry wood termites from infected areas. The heat of propane is blown into the structure and the interior and exterior walls are heated to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This method does not cause structural damage.

Freezing: This method is best for small areas. Liquid nitrogen is forced into infected areas and the walls or nest freeze. It is effective in the early stages of colony growth.

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Termite services are some things that must be considered

Choosing a termite service can sometimes be as difficult as the problem you are trying to get rid of. However, the selection process shouldn't be too tedious. There are several things that you can do and several things that must be considered to lighten the burden of this process. Have a peek at this web-site to get more details about termite service.

Termite services are some things that must be considered

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The starting point is to hire a professional, licensed, and well-trained termite examiner so you know what kind of infection you have as not all products are suitable for all termite types. If the inspection service determines that your home is infected, the inspector will recommend a treatment method.

The inspector may or may not provide you with a list of licensed fighters in your area. Whether or not you get such a list, you can ask the Better Business Bureau, your local Agricultural Extension Bureau, or anyone else whose advice you trust for a recommendation.

However, whenever you choose a termite service, you will always want to accept at least three offers and watch out for the following signs that will get you scammed.

Avoid doing business with someone who happens to be in your neighborhood or just stopped by your house. Likewise, anyone who comes into your home without being asked and claims to have found termites in your home or nearby area should also be ignored.

Look for a private car or any means of transportation other than a professional vehicle with a state pest control permit number that the car can see.

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DIY Mosquito Control: How To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Mosquito control is an important part of enjoying your yard in the summer, especially in Holly Springs!

While mosquitoes play a role in the food chain, we find them irritating as we try to grill and eat dinner outside. Many Holly Springs residents are looking for do-it-yourself ways to keep the yard more comfortable.

But before that, you need to understand, if there’s a big infestation already taken place in your home, you should leave the matter to a professional pest control company. You may get the best mosquito control in Holly Springs at Ready Pest Control.

Some DIY ideas to handle an early infestation of mosquitoes:

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Prevent breeding –

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, so make sure you don’t have any standing water in your yard, even in small amounts. Make sure your gutter drains well. If you have a rain barrel, you can drop vegetable oil on the water surface to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs.

Add predators –

Move any spiders you find in your house outside so they can catch bugs. Encourage dragonflies, which eat mosquitoes. Install birdhouses in your yard. Not all birds eat mosquitoes, unfortunately; the ones that do include migratory songbirds, purple martins, swallows, and waterfowl like geese and ducks.

Plant citronella –

Some plants are known to help repel mosquitoes, though their effectiveness varies. Try citronella, marigolds, basil, catnip, lemon and lavender plants. Some of these plants have a pleasant smell and have other uses too.

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