Lap band Surgery takes under an hour and doesn’t need an overnight stay in the clinic. The patient’s stomach isn’t stapled. And the small intestine isn’t cut and rerouted as it is in gastric bypass surgery.

The lap banding procedure¬†also eliminates the ‘dumping syndrome’, which is the sick feeling that is associated with eating sweets or drinking alcoholic beverages after gastric bypass surgery.

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This type of surgery enhances or remove diabetes, higher blood pressure, and other disorders or symptoms related to obesity.

Gastric bypass operation forces patients to shed weight quickly though malabsorption of significant key nourishment, the Lap-Band may be customized to match individual weight loss needs and targets. Lap-Band surgery has helped many people eliminate weight fast and that are good candidates for this.

You can go online and visit blogs, forums, and personal websites of people who have undergone lap band surgery to learn more about experiences. You might find you identify with them and their stories will help you decide if you’re a good candidate and are moving in the right direction.

Check your medical insurance plan or supplier and see whether it’s covered. Both gastric bypass and lap band operation might offer substantial health benefits through demonstrated long-term weight reduction. Diets and eating habits have to be altered to any weight loss surgery to do the job.