A chimney isn't something we are thinking about in our modern-day. A long time ago, the fireplace was a vital and essential component of the home. The fireplace of today is typically used to enhance the romantic atmosphere or add to the traditional holiday appearance and feel. 

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Masonry chimneys are tough products made from brick or stone. But over time the mortar between the stone or brick is slowly deteriorating due to exposure to elements. This is not a problem, however, it is important to fix the mortar regularly to avoid the possibility of serious damage.

When the mortar begins to break down it is possible for water to cause more and more damages to chimneys. The chimney's sections will need to be replaced and, in extreme instances, the chimney could require to be removed in the event of neglect for long durations of time. It is costly! 

You can prevent this from happening by fixing the mortar using the process known as "tuck-pointing". The concept is quite simple but the process of implementation requires the use of a dusty, difficult task. The cracking or chipping mortar between joints is removed using a hammer and chisel. 

An electric grinder that has Tuck-pointing blades is a good option to tackle large-scale tasks. The grinding or chipping process creates trenches in the brick or stone, where new mortar is able to be laid.