Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a combination of life-saving techniques used to restore normal body functions. If a person stops breathing or their heart stops beating, consistent use of CPR can actually revive the heart and restore normal breathing patterns.

CPR consists of a combination of oral resuscitation and, if necessary, chest compressions. Basically, the person using CPR breaths for the victim and manually pumps the victim's heart until normal function is restored. 

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It is clear that in a life-threatening situation, apart from providing CPR, you will call the emergency services the right way.

CPR first aid training is for those who have a specific job – school, nursing home, etc. – but that doesn't mean that not everyone, regardless of career, should have a basic understanding of CPR. 

The CPR First Aid course provides you with invaluable safety and preparedness in an emergency. This course is usually completed in one day. A licensed instructor will walk you through the steps of CPR, and you can even practice these steps on a mannequin.

You will usually get a CPR certification card at the end of the course. Even if you have taken CPR first aid courses in the past, it is always a good idea to renew your certificate annually.