1. Characteristics of Effective Leadership

The course is based on the diaries of a personal video camera. Characteristics of Effective Leader also provide modern and classic perspectives on theories of leadership. It also outlines practical workplace scenarios and challenges. The material for this course also addresses the issues of trust, modeling, and encouraging others to join in. 

2. Human Capital Management

This Human Capital Management course centers around Central Products' Human Resources department and the head, Anne Chavez. It focuses on various aspects of health and productivity. The ideas that are covered in this accounting cpe courses change and forth between the practical and theoretic. This provides a solid base for employees to know their rights. 

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3.  Management and Operations: how to run an Enterprise

Central Products' offices Central Products are the perfect environment to gain practical management abilities in a non-risk setting. Particularly, when you're supervised by department heads during round-table discussions, executive meetings, and scenarios for project management. Therefore, this course gives training on different skills such as forecasting as well as planning, scheduling, and managing. 

4. Global Finance

In a course that addresses international and accounting tasks, Global Finance explores the difficulties of doing business overseas. This course is NASBA-approved and dives into areas such as the foreign exchange market forecasting the risks of exposure, hedging techniques, as well as foreign investments. 

5. Managerial Accounting Financial Performance Analysis

VTR Learning is well aware that this narrative-driven method of CPE is not exactly conventional. Therefore, to offer CPAs the chance to test it before making a commitment to it, VTR Learning's Financial Performance Analysis course is absolutely free. This course was designed to assist individuals in understanding the performance and accountability metrics.