Being anxious to see your work bound and published is a sense that all writers have experienced at some stage or another, but being overly anxious may lead to poor decisions which you will regret later.

Before you join the bandwagon in self-publishing your book, let's consider the truths and lies in self-publishing. You can publish your book through selfpublishingmadeeasynow.

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Lie: Self-publishing is pricey. Some writers and writers say that beginning with your own cost too much financially.

Truth: Self-publishing is simple and inexpensive. Contrary to the popular belief among new writers, self-publishing is not tough to break into and costs little also.

Since self-publishing is an evolving business with a lot of opponents, publishers are constantly upgrading their facilities, offering higher quality services, and affordable pricing at your convenience.

Here is how it works. You decide on a size for your publication, format your Word document to match that measurement, turn your Word document into a PDF, create some cover artwork in Photoshop, turn it into a PDF, and upload it to the self-publisher of your choice.

Based on the level of support you select, it may be as simple as publishing an unformatted word document to the self-publishing service provider, and voila! They produce a finished book for you!

If you decide to self-publish, you are invited to shop around. The big guys are not always your best choice.

Many smaller publishers provide excellent service at reasonable rates. It all depends on your requirements and how much assistance you're searching for.

Self-publishing is much easier to learn than you might think if you take some time and do your homework and take things one step at a time.