If you love wine, make sure to have one or more bottles of wine. But instead of throwing away bottles when they're done, they can make great craft items that go well with many kitchen and decor themes.

They can even be recycled into great gifts or merchandise to sell online, along with personalized wine labels that can carry messages.

Olive oil toppings sound boring at first, but often these lovely bottles pop up around Christmas gifts. You can also get Custom Paint Can Labels & Stickers & Print Paint Tin Labels online.

Loaded with flavor and spice, they make great centerpieces, and with a little research you can turn them into fragrant olive oil that your friends can use in their cooking.

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Lighter or clearer bottles are best for displaying their contents properly. Make sure to let the product dry in a dark place for a few days after corking.

You can add various herbs and spices like cinnamon sticks, a source of rosemary, thyme, or lavender, and even red and yellow bell peppers for a bold touch!

Whenever creating a recipe for its use, consider adding a unique wine label so people know what's in it or if you can leave it nude for a contemporary look.

For all artists, make these bottles on a unique canvas with glass paint. So when you come across a distinctive bottle of wine, consider what your coloring skills will look like!