If you are planning to build a tall building, you will definitely need a crane to lift heavy loads. However, stationary cranes are impractical because of their size and the time it takes to secure them.

All you really need is to rent or buy a mobile crane, but there are many, each designed for a specific job. You can buy grove cranes all terrain & rough terrain and mobile cranes.

Here are just the few types of mobile cranes that are most commonly used in the construction industry.

Truck mountable crane

We're talking about a moving crane, but that doesn't mean that the crane itself has to move. In fact, there are jib cranes that are mounted on ordinary vehicles, mostly trucks. They're ideal because they use the tailgate as a container for whatever they're carrying, so it's easier to move around.

Crawler crane

It goes without saying that trucks move with the help of wheels and are therefore unstable. Chain cranes, on the other hand, move with wheels, not wheels. This makes it more stable and able to lift heavier loads up to 250 tons. Due to its construction, it can move in all types of terrain, including soft ground, which is often found on large construction sites.

Railway crane

If construction work needs to be carried out on a nearby railroad track, a crane running on railroad tracks is ideal for such work. You can use railroads to get to where you need them quickly, and they also add stability. Because of their extendable arms, they can be used for construction work near railway lines, where space is limited.