Security is a universal problem in today's world. Many of us stay away from our homes most of the day. Simple aspects of security, such as looking at houses and buildings, are not possible if you are not in business.

When all of your family members have a daily routine of leaving early in the morning and not returning until evening, property security is terrible. That is why you should install secuirty cameras in Sydney. You can also get more information about cctv cameras at

Until recently, poor quality video recording systems installed at strategic points were used. However, if the battery or tape runs out, the video recording will stop recording. This has left many criminal investigations unsolved.

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The newest technology in IP camcorders, also called IP-CCTV, is becoming increasingly popular. Many people don't know the difference between CCTV and IP-CCTV. IP CCTV works by streaming live recorded shows.

The main advantage of IP CCTV is that images taken in one corner of the world become available to viewers in other places with almost insignificant delay. IP CCTV has a large transmission network and the ability to transmit high quality video footage. In short, IP CCTV never expires.

Security videos are not of the same quality as normal videos that we record for personal use. The security cartridge must be of very good quality with light contrast to understand what is happening against the background of the object.

For example, if the garage is captured on video, the video must have sufficient sound and image clarity to stay in the dark and capture the other end of the garage. IP video surveillance is great because it doesn't require frequent changes to recorders such as video tapes or memory chips.