This is a 20-hour introductory course to Internal Family Systems (IFS). Members will be offered this unique non-pathological model and its systematic, innovative, therapeutic approach to the ego state.

The key concepts of this model: the self, the part of isolation that contains negative activity, feelings, and beliefs, and the protective part, which should prevent isolation from reaching consciousness, conquering and dominating our worldview. Here you can find information about Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy.

internal family systems workshops

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Participants learn to identify these conditions in their internal systems and use this model to guide clients through a natural healing process towards integration and wholeness.

Extensive demonstrations and controlled training are offered to guide the process with colleagues in customer roles. Much attention is paid to facilitating self-presence by encouraging the unit to complete and investigate the healing process by observing, lifting, and removing extremes and injuries.

The value of the presence of the therapist and client, as well as greeting from all areas of acceptance and injustice, is emphasized as essential to the healing environment. The participants were introduced to the Insight and Direct Access processing methods.

Presentation of the previous model is very useful for anyone involved: This involves reading one of Richard Schwartz's works on IFS or working on passages written by Thomas Holmes. Besides the significant experimental component, a didactic picture is presented.