Storing pure, safe water is a critical first step in your emergency food storage plan. On a normal day, most people need to drink at least two quarts (half-gallon) of water. Those living in hot environments, children, mothers who are nursing, and people with illnesses need even more.

Families and individuals also need water for food preparation and personal hygiene. There are ways to prepare your own containers of water. To get water storage solutions, you can use the best above ground storage tank.

The following are the Four Solutions for Emergency Water Storage:

1. The first; is bottled water purchased from your local Super Market or grocery store. I found that my local store has sales about every other month on cases of bottled water. 

2. The second solution is 8.5oz. Boxed Water. They come in cases of 27 boxes. Through my supplier, I can purchase these for $5.92 per gallon. Each person will need @7.5 boxes per day. This solution requires the least amount of space and each 8.5oz. Box can be stored separately. 

3. Solution number three is 4.227oz. Water Pouches. These come in cases of 64 pouches. My supplier has them priced at $7.68 per gallon. Each person will need a little more than 15 per day. Pouches are handy and easy to store in small spaces. They also have a 1-5 year shelf life.

4. The final solution is Canned Drinking Water. These come in cases of 24 cans. They can be purchased online for $7.68 per gallon. Each person will need 1&2/3 cans per day. The cans can be stored in many places.