It's important to find the right place to plan a wedding abroad, especially for a wedding in Denmark, because this affects you and your partner.

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The place must make a statement for all their wedding parties and guests. A bad place will only ruin your marriage. On the other hand, a good place will bring everything together.

Now it's quite difficult to find a place if you base it on an earlier event that you attended there or on the recommendation of a friend and then you can visit it.

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So use your wedding planner. They will know the places around you. At our wedding, they worked with some of the best restaurants in the region. It is important for you to get to know them and appreciate very high standards.

If you have placed your heart in a certain place because it has a certain meaning for you or your partner, wedding coordinator can check everything for you. They will then give you an honest assessment whether it is suitable for this location and whether it meets your needs.

Location is more than just a place for your dream wedding. Locations and buildings can be large and there is plenty to choose from, but there are many things to consider.

You must consider the size of the place. You might want a small, intimate venue that focuses on your well-being and your wedding reception, rather than a less-personal airport-style hotel that takes an approach to the marriage production line.