The black color is a popular choice for males. It's factual. But that doesn't mean it won't be attractive to women of any age. These diamonds are gaining popularity for both men as well as women. These gorgeous black stones have replaced these colorless stones.

The diamond, which has an enigmatic aura, is a perfect match for both vintage and contemporary designs. It is a stunning contrast when this dark hue is combined with gems that are white or colorless. You can buy diamonds of various colors through

Now, the question is what is the best way to purchase rings made of black diamonds? It isn't simple to purchase genuine onyx diamonds. They are very rare in nature, and consequently, they're not in fashion. However, you can certainly opt for black gems that have been enhanced. They are lab-created white stones that have been enhanced with radiation. Because they are created in the lab are made in large quantities and are cheaper than natural diamonds.

Natural colored black precious stones are called carbonados. They're different from the simulants of diamonds and also the diamonds that have been enhanced. They are an impure version of a polycrystalline gem. They are made up of diamond, graphite, and amorphous carbon. Similar to natural colored gemstones, natural onyx gemstones also acquire their color. The huge amount of graphite inclusions and clusters is the reason for the black color of these precious gemstones.

Enhanced Black or Treated Black diamonds are gems that are white or colorless with a lot of inclusions. Because of this, they're usually sold at a lower cost as compared to natural stones. The white stones, after several treatments, including radiation or heat and are transformed into dark-colored gems.