Deciding whether or not laser hair removal is worth the time and effort can be a lengthy internal discussion. We will explore some of the reasons that laser hair removal is worth it, including cost, time, and ease. 



The cost associated with laser hair removal may seem steep, however, this should be weighed up over a lifetime. For example, a lifetime of shaving, waxing or hair removal creams becomes costly when u factor in either having to purchase razors, cream, wax strips or pay for the time and efforts of a beautician. Consider that after a certain time the frequency of having to visit a laser hair removal specialist will either decrease or become non-existent. 


Then there is time. Laser hair removal would generally be a monthly experience, whereas shaving can be every three days and other methods, every 2 weeks for the rest of your life. Consider what your time is worth as a monetary figure and then determine just how time (and money) you will have if you no longer have to go through the painful mundane tasks of having to remove or control your hair growth. 


Which brings us to the ease of laser hair removal. How easy is it to book an appointment and lie on a table while someone else does all of the hard work? Not to mention it is relatively pain-free (goodbye waxing!). 

As you can see, laser hair removal can benefit more than the bank account.