The crane is made up of many parts that work together to form the equipment you see from far away. It is important to be familiar with the functions and parts of cranes if you are working with them on your job.

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5 components of cranes:

1. The Hook

This is perhaps the most important and easily identifiable part of crane construction. The crane's main connection point to the load it must carry is the hook. The hook is the main connector between the crane and the load it needs to lift heavy or large items.

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2. Wire Rope and Sheaves

To lift heavy loads, cranes use wire ropes of high strength to support them. These ropes are made from steel wires that have been twisted into a helix shape. These wire ropes are what give the crane the strength to lift objects using the hook.

3. Counterweights

Cranes can hold a lot of weight. Counterweights allow them to hold a lot of weight without tipping. The counterweights are placed on the back of a crane to offset the load's weight.

4. Outriggers

Outriggers provide additional safety for materials being moved around the job site. They are used in conjunction with counterweights to ensure cranes remain standing when carrying heavy loads. 

5. Tracks and wheels

Tracks or wheels allow cranes to move about the job site depending on the terrain. The wheels allow for greater mobility. The tracks are longer and wider, which gives cranes a higher level of stability than wheeled cranes.