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What is the IRS?

The acronym stands for "Internal Revenue Service," a US government agency responsible for administering and enforcing the Treasury Income Law. In particular, the IRS, which is part of the Ministry of Finance, is charged with the annual collection of state and income taxes from working residents and businesses.

What is an OIC or compromise offer?

The term Offer in Compromise (OIC) is defined as "an agreement between the taxpayer and the IRS". The goal is to settle the taxpayer's tax obligations. Therefore, the Internal Revenue 

Service reserves the right to settle or "compromise" tax obligations by allowing taxpayers to make partial payments under certain circumstances. The following reasons determine the conditions under which the tax liability can be legally threatened.

o Doubts about liability – there is doubt that the tax is correct.

o Debt Collection Doubts – There are doubts that you will be able to pay the full amount of taxes.

o Effective tax administration – There is no doubt that the tax is correct. There is also no doubt that the amount must be paid back, but there are exceptional circumstances which allow the IRS to take into account the taxpayer's OIC.