Medical software companies participate in developing and delivering products, systems or solutions in the medical field. These companies address a multitude of client needs. 

Following are some examples of medical software:

  • Medical Record-Keeping: These are services and software that can be used by any company, from a single doctor’s clinic to hospitals of a large size and even government institutions that manage the biometrics of a nation’s.
  • Medical Practice Management: They are used to streamline and enhance the process of medical practice, from scheduling an appointment, to printing prescriptions, to paying and billing. These healthcare software solutions are able to be utilized in individual doctors’ offices as well as large hospitals.

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  • Networking Solutions: These applications can be used for a variety of uses, like connecting medical organizations (e.g. patients to hospitals, or drug companies to pharmacists, medical representatives and labs, etc.)
  • Medical Services via Web Portals: They include everything from a basic business listing on a site for an office to appointment booking to advertising and promotional solutions. These pre-made solutions are available as a theme that can be customized for a brand new website, or as a regular service that provides marketing, advertising as well as appointment scheduling.

  • Hospital Management: These are the software and services that are involved in the management and running of hospitals that are large. A single doctor’s office might have a medical record-keeping program that is sufficient for its needs, however, a hospital may also require additional modules for managing schedules for multiple doctor’s offices, manage inventory for different devices within the hospital, as well as its bill and pay system and modules that can be utilized by security personnel.