Laser technology has made tattoos less of a lifelong commitment. Laser tattoo removal doesn't work for every person. These issues should be considered to set realistic expectations about how effective your laser treatment will remove your tattoo.

Laser technology uses intense laser beams that break down tattoo pigment. The body's natural systems flush out the ink as the tattoo ink is broken down into smaller pieces. Lasers are different for different tattoos. You can compare the results of laser tattoo removal before and after on the websites of clinics to choose the best for yourself.

Laser Tattoo Removal

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Laser tattoo removal can remove most tattoos or reduce their appearance. The date the tattoo was created is an important consideration. The inks used over the last decade have become more durable, making them harder to remove. Tattoos older than 10 years will likely respond better to treatment.

No matter when the tattoo was created, certain colors are more difficult to remove than others. Laser beams focus on contrasts so darker ink colors are easier to remove. Yellows and reds are more difficult to get rid of and will require more sessions than tattoos made with other colors. Multicolored tattoos will require multiple sessions because different ink colors react differently to different laser wavelengths.

It is also important to think about where the tattoo is located. The best results are achieved in areas that have more body fat than those with less. Lasers love color contrasts and will work best when they find them.