In today's technologically advanced world, everyone is connected to computers. Even if your occupation is not IT, you can still have problems with your eyesight due to environmental or other strange reasons. 

All children who work on computers at school or at home, as well as those working in different fields, need to protect their eyes. You can also buy a vision screener to check your eyesight at home via

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You can do this by using these preventive measures:

1. Consume vitamins and nutrient-rich diets:

Healthy eyes can be achieved by eating a balanced, nutritious diet rich in vitamins and nutrients. Eat berries, cherries, and pomegranates in large quantities. Consume cod liver oil to include DHA in your daily diet.

2. Avoid unhealthy foods:

Your eyes are sensitive to trans fatty acids and fats. They can cause damage to the blood vessels that supply the eyes as well as the brain. Look at the labels for harmful hydrogenated oils additions.

3. Stop doing anything that is harmful:

All bad habits, such as eating unhealthy foods and straining your eyes, should be stopped. You can prevent eye problems by practicing good habits.

4. Rest your eyes:

In-between intense sight work, short breaks are essential. To preserve your eyes and relax, close your eyes for a few minutes. Don't strain your eyes by sitting for long periods of time. 

5. Use a flat monitor for your computer screen:

A flat-panel LCD monitor is recommended for those who spend a lot of time in front of the computer. A flat-panel LCD monitor will cause less strain on your eyes and protect them from vision problems.

These simple and effective tips will help you keep your eyes healthy.