There are many types of daycare, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Here are some common types of daycare:

In-home daycare is the most common type of daycare, and it's typically staffed by a mother or father who works during the day and takes care of the children in their home at night. In-home daycare can be expensive, but it can also offer parents peace of mind since they know their children are safe and loved. You can also look for daycare jobs through various online sources.

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A preschool is a great option for children who are starting to learn how to socialize and independently function. It can be found in both traditional settings, such as schools, as well as in private homes. Many preschools offer extended hours so parents can work during the day and still have time for their children.

There are many types of daycare:

  • Preschool: Usually starts around 3 years old and lasts until the child is in elementary school. preschoolers learn social skills, math skills, and literacy skills. 

  • Kindergarten: Kindergarten usually starts at 4 years old and lasts until the child is in elementary school. Kindergarteners learn basic concepts such as colors, shapes, numbers, letters, and how to read. They also learn how to play together and cooperate with others. 

  • Daycare: This type of daycare usually only takes care of infants up to 12 months old. Daycares usually have different hours; they might be open from morning until late afternoon or morning until evening. Some daycares also have evening hours.