Steel pallet racks are as important for your warehouse operations as the employees who work in them. This basic structure is often neglected after installation, which has the potential to pose fatal risks to health and safety at work as well as expensive property damage.

Without complete rack inspection and self-assessment, serious accidents can occur due to damaged shelves. Drivers must inspect their vehicles every year. If not, they can endanger themselves or others if something goes wrong.

Pallet racking equipment poses similar hazards without routine inspection and thorough inspection. If these shelves work well, they offer the best storage solution. You can check various online sites to get archive box/pallet storage services in Perth.

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However, if installed incorrectly or damaged, they become commitments that can result in significant inventory losses or, worse, can be fatal.

A quick check is not enough. During inspections, attention is the best way to maintain a constant safety rule and identify potential problems before they become dangerous.

When you choose an inspection, you need to make sure who, what, when, and where, such as:

Who should check the storage rack? If you don't want to hire a professional, send someone who is familiar with the various storage path configurations and installation requirements. Ideally, this is someone who is outside your storage environment every day.

What needs to be checked? The loading of beams and poles must be the focus of your inspection. Find uneven lines or vertical support.