A limousine is a luxury car consisting of an extended main wheel and driven by a driver. Also often referred to as stretch limousines, they are traditionally available in black and white. 

Limousines are most often associated with the rich because they are expensive to own. However, nowadays people can rent limousines for various events like proms and weddings. You can also hire limousine service in Zrich via the web.

Transporting Foreign Visitors

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Today, one of the most common uses of this car is for airport pick-up and drop-off. This industry is known as “airport limousine service”. Anyone who needs transportation to and/or from the airport can book this service. It has become very cheap for most people and is a very convenient way to travel.

Airport limousines have several advantages:

1. If you do not have a car at your current location and/or destination but need transportation to and from the airport.

2. You have a car but do not want to park in the airport car park during your trip. It is cheaper to hire this service for your ground transportation than to pay for airport parking when you will be away for a long time or even just a few days.

3. You don't have anyone to take you to and/or from the airport.

Renting an airport limousine is relatively easy. To find it, all you have to do is search the internet for limousine services and the city where you need the service.