Activity books are an excellent way to keep reading interesting. There are a variety of types of books that are suitable for various levels of age. 

1. Texture Books

Texture, also referred to as books that feel and touch is extremely popular with toddlers and children who are very young. They are books that have a part of the image is constructed from various materials and fabrics. 

Babies love the tactile feel of the pages, and they love to feel the pictures as reading the story to them. Activity books for young ones will aid in developing the child's sensorimotor awareness.

2. Remove the Flap Books

They are books that tell stories and generally have flaps to lift on each page. It's an iconic format for books that kids are enthralled by. The flaps that are lifted add to the enjoyment that the book offers and can create a more engaging event. These books are generally targeted towards children who are around 4 or five. When selecting an open-loop book, choose a book with a solid feel and sturdy flaps. The flaps will be torn and tugged upon and if they're not secured properly or are not made of sturdy cardboard, they will not last very long.

3. Sound Books

Sound books are a favorite among young children in the pre-school age. They typically contain one or more buttons to press that make sounds or noises that are appropriate to the story. The more sophisticated sound books can have a variety of sounds that have to be played in the appropriate part that the narrative is in. As with the books with flaps that lift they provide an element of interaction when the story you read to your child.