Parachute cord (commonly called paracord) is an excellent nylon cord because it is light but very strong. The Paracord was originally developed for use in parachute suspension lines. Survivalists now use paracord for many different outdoor applications.

Making paracord bracelets is fun! Children learn to tie knots while assembling their bracelets. It's also a great way to store these essential survival gear when traveling or camping outdoors. You can contact us now to buy the best quality paracords.

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What's so good about paracord? Why is it important to train young outdoor enthusiasts to parachute? Here are 7 ways kids can use paracord outdoors:

Build shelter: Tie branches together or hang tarps.

Fishing: Use a thin inner thread as a fishing line or tie it into a fishing net.

First Aid: Ropes can be used to form a catapult or to immobilize an injured limb.

Hunting: Use it as a bowstring or make a snare trap.

Repair: Repair broken shoelaces or repair your clothes, backpack or tent.

Wildlife Safety: Secure your food, trash and toiletries in the trees by lifting them with a paracord.

Hydration: Hang the water bottle on a rock or wet surface. Insert the cord parallel to the neck of the water bottle. The water will run down the nylon paracord sleeve and into your water bottle.

There are many other ways to use paracord outdoors. The most important thing is to have materials when you need them. Wearing it as a bracelet makes it easily accessible when needed.