Ambient lighting refers to the overall illumination of a room. Choose fixtures that will lighten the whole room, providing excellent visibility without glare or shadows. White lights are preferred. You can control the lighting by opting for current trends like dimmers from leisure lighting brands.

These lamps are used to illuminate specific work areas and are known as task lighting. You can have enough lighting to read a book at night by placing a table lamp next to your couch. These lamps allow you to work comfortably in your own space without disturbing anyone else. You can also find trendy under-cabinet lightings that provide focused lighting options.

Accent lighting can be used to highlight specific areas or objects in your room. Accent lighting can be used to highlight wall art, paintings, or bookshelves, as well as collection displays. Accent lighting makes the space more interactive.

Your home's focal point would be a large hanging pendant light or crystal chandelier. They add glamour to the space and provide illumination. They bring out the best of luxury and charm.

There is nothing better than natural light. You can bring in the natural light with windows and doors. Mirrors can be added to enhance the effect. Glass decors can magnify and reflect light around the space to maximize its effect.

There are a lot of options available when it comes to planning the lighting arrangement for your living room. The ideal combination will depend on the amount of natural light that enters your room, what purpose it serves, the size of the room, and many other factors. To make the right lighting choices for your living space, you need to consult our interior decor experts.