Modern dance is an expressive style of dance that is more emotional than classical ballet. Modern dance is a relatively new invention in the world. The public initially didn't like modern dancing when it first started. But, it eventually became a popular trend. It is now an integral part of the dance world.

Modern dance was born in the early 20th century. Because the US and Germany had no traditional dance styles, modern dancing was born. Many ballet schools offer modern dance lessons. It was a way for people to express themselves through movement.

Modern dance can be classified by its body movements and contortions that were not possible in the past. It also offers a more emotional experience.Modern dance pioneers began as an escape from classical ballet forms, but they have evolved into their own style. It follows four principles. These are substances of movement and dynamism and impacts, form of the body and metakinesis.

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Martha Graham, Isadora Dunn and Ruth St. Denis were some of the pioneers in this style. Ruth St. Denis and Isadora Duncan used more fluid movements in their dances while Martha Graham pioneered the angular style of dance. Martha Graham's method is used in more modern dances today, and it has been a hallmark of modern dancing.

Modern dance can be used to express emotions, or to break away from the traditional ballet structures. It is now more structured than in its early years because it has its own form and its own rules.