Titanium welding is the most effective method for welding titanium. But, using it at a low level will surely destroy any high-end item. From mountain bikes to components of aerospace and medical Implants, Titanium is used due to its unique characteristics that include the superior weight-to-strength ratio as well as the unparalleled resistance to corrosion.

There is only one shot that involves welding titanium. If you make a mistake , and your attempt fails, you won’t be allowed to try again by repeating the welding process like you would with stainless steel.  So it is important to choose the experienced titanium metalworker via tiptigusa.com/titanium-welding-applications.

Three common mistakes that individuals avoid while welding titanium:

  • Welding titanium with another filler other than titanium can cause the weld into an extremely hard and durable material which is nearly as strong. It’s evident that it is cracking prior to it even cooling off.
  • If Titanium is red and hot, it’s likely to absorb into all kinds of impurities like oxygen and hydrogen. After that, you’re screwed, tattooed and glued. The game is over. The weld has to be removed.
  • The benefit lies in it being true that TIG welding titanium is comparable with welding stainless steel in the event that you stick to the shielding and cleaning process using argon.

Be sure that your titanium welding process is carried out in complete safety and professionally by experts.