A Facebook Chatbot is a sophisticated piece of computer software that uses artificial intelligent (AI) technology to interact with users online. In simple terms, these bots know what is asked and will then formulate an answer in a much more natural way than a mere human could. However, when it comes to online customer service, it is equally important for companies to understand that customer behavior has changed dramatically.

A Messenger Bot can take on all kinds of online chats from the chat rooms and discussion forums, and even email or instant message conversations. In fact, Messenger Bot can do so many things that an ordinary human would be unable to do. For example, if you want to chat on Yahoo Messenger with someone in Asia, a Facebook Chatbot will be able to do so effortlessly by answering the queries using language that is almost as familiar as if you had actually met that person face to face.

If you are an employer and need some answers regarding your employee's work profile, the Messenger Bot can help you with this. The Chatbot will be able to automatically get in touch with the necessary departments in the company. If you want to learn about how long your employees have worked there, or how many they hire to fill their vacant positions, or what their current workload is, the Messenger Bot will be able to gather these facts from the database. All you have to do is let it ask the question.

If you want to send your friends and relatives an e-mail regarding a new news item, or a new product, the Messenger Bot will be able to do this for you. It will save all of the e-mails and make a note of the names of those who received the e-mails. If you want to send them something interesting, such as a funny movie clip, or a video, then the Messenger Chatbot will do this for you automatically without any human intervention. It will even be able to save you from having to type the same messages yourself by generating a humorous response from scratch.

Messenger Chatbots have also taken the world of online marketing to a whole new level. Companies and individuals alike are able to do joint marketing through the internet by utilizing the power of the Messenger Bot. This enables you to connect with others who are interested in similar products or services. You can do joint promotions such as giving away promotional products and services to the subscribers of the corresponding websites and then exchange links between your websites.

Even the most simple of tasks can now be performed through the Messenger Bot. If you want to know what the weather is in New York City or Tokyo, you can check out what the weather is in other cities around the world through the Messenger Bot. Or if you want to know what the traffic situation is in Chicago right now, you can just log onto the website and check it out yourself. All of these functions will be able to be done by simply asking the Messenger Bot.

Furthermore, business partners can communicate with each other through the internet. They can exchange links with each other, and share important information through email and chat. This is especially useful when it comes to collaboration between salespeople, programmers, or other professionals.

The various functions which can be implemented by a Messenger Chatbot will definitely make it more than a simple tool to keep in touch. Nowadays, Messenger Bots is becoming more popular every day, making it even more essential for companies to look into getting one in order to maximize the usefulness and benefits that it can bring to their businesses.