If you are thinking of buying a log home or just purchased one, you may be in for a surprise. Not necessarily a bad surprise, maybe more like an awakening.

Restoring a log home generally includes cleaning or stripping, repairing damaged wood, caulking and chinking and applying a new finish.

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Log Cabin Stain

At some point, because of stain failure or wanting to change the color of your log home, it will have to be stripped. Of all the maintenance procedures, stripping the old stain or paint off of your home is undoubtedly the most aggressive, labor-intensive, and expensive step. With that being said, it is absolutely the most important, but oftentimes the most neglected step in the process.

The typical stripping procedure begins with an inspection of the logs and the existing coating. Once an assessment has been made, it will be determined which stripping application will be used. There are two methods generally used; chemical stripping and media blasting using crushed corn cob, glass or soda.

If it is determined that a latex paint or stain or certain types of "film-forming" oil-based stains have to be removed, media blasting is our preferred method. If it is determined that penetrating oil stains or sealers are present, chemical stripping is used.