Your dog's basic needs include proper training and socializing. It's important to start training your dog to teach how to sit, stay, come, go to their kennel, and go potty outside.

Here are the levels of dog training that are given below:

  • Preschool training:

This class is usually designed for puppies from 6 weeks to 5 months of age. In this training session, you and your puppy will learn the basics of communicating with other people and other puppies. Boulder dog instructors will help you to train your dog to learn how to sit, stand, and do other commands.

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  • Basic lessons in dog training:

This training is usually helpful for dogs that have been previously trained and are at least 6 months old. This basic dog training usually takes the form of a course and lasts about 8 to 10 weeks. This should be enough time to pass on basic knowledge and commands to dog owners and dogs themselves.

This is a basic course and you are expected to learn how to train your dog to walk, sit, stand, sway, and follow orders correctly with a leash.

  • Advanced dog training:

This course can last up to ten weeks and should only be tried by owners and dogs who have completed their secondary training. You can expect your dog to be trained to walk without a leash.

The duration of this particular training will depend on how quickly your dog must be ready and pass the necessary tests.