The World Health Organization has issued new guidelines for state aid reached 8.1 million people living with HIV have not been diagnosed, which therefore do not get lifesaving therapies, "- according to the WHO press release on 27 November 2019.

At the end of 2019, 37.8 million people worldwide living with HIV. To know about elisa data analysis instructions you can search the websites of service providers online.

One of them, 79 percent have been diagnosed, 63 percent down from 54 percent HIV period decreased, lowering the risk of HIV worldwide sheets continued treatment.

Terrible figures show that around two-thirds of HIV-infected people living in areas of Africa where other epidemics such as Ebola, plague, malaria, dengue fever, etc. are widespread as well.

"The human immunodeficiency virus evolved as a remedy to grow new, and we have to find a method to detect quickly," said the company's head of life sciences that have committed to facilitate medical researchers globally and manufacturers of drugs in the company's research used HIV antibody, developed and pervasive standards to meet every demand.

In accordance with the different detection purposes, HIV detection reagents can be divided into reagent antibody / antigen detection, nucleic acid detection reagents, detection reagents, and drug resistance genotype HIV.

Which can also be categorized as human immunodeficiency virus antibody rapid detection reagent, self-test reagents, reagent antibody screening, antibody diagnostic reagents, reagent confirmation of HIV antibodies, etc.

According to various characteristics, usage, and performances. One of them, antibody/antigen reagents are obtaining more and more recognition for their swift response in about 20 minutes.