The art of wrapping a baby tightly is called nappy. Swaddling the baby calms them down, giving them warmth and a feeling of security.

Newborns are prone to fright, and simulating the uterus which helps them sleep better and longer without interruption. In the womb, they are locked in a small, comfortable place that feels safe before giving birth.

Once born, the freedom of movement and the new and unknown world they encounter can frighten them. This can cause the baby to experience sudden tingling, frequent crying, and colic.

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Swaddling protects the baby from waving his arms and from being surprised. This helps them calm down due to difficulty understanding their new environment and makes them feel tight in the womb.

Wrap the baby for better, longer sleep and fewer reflexes. Baby swaddling makes it easier for them to be carried and fall asleep. This method reduces crying time and babies who sleep on their backs are at lower risk of developing sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Improper nappy can cause hip dysplasia in babies. Therefore, it is important for every newborn parent to learn the correct change techniques. Traditional nappy has been practiced for many years.

This is one of the best ways to help your baby develop healthily. The first step is to find the best packaging for your baby. There are many lint swaddling blankets available to provide comfort and warmth to your baby.