Personal workflows use the latest designs and initiate automated processes that are much more efficient, accurate and cost-effective than outdated manual workflows. You can automate and speed up the process of recruiting employees with the help of new hire onboarding software at Below are the solutions mentioned to follow:

1. Managers or employees can apply for admission using the online self-service form.

2. An intuitive user interface for form and workflow design enables the adaptation of documents and processes to enterprise requirements.

3. The workflow can be adapted to the type of work and can identify the stakeholders needed at each stage of the integration process.

4. Applications for login are automatically forwarded for proper review and approval.

5. Guidance and training can be provided during the work process, including notifications/reminders to visitors.

5. Packages with instructional materials can be sent automatically to new employees.

6. An online onboarding form can be included which allows new hires to fill in the required embedding documents such as agreements, disclosures, benefit entitlements, etc.

Apart from increasing efficiency in the inclusion process, automation can also facilitate interaction with applicants. It can be designed to provide direct communication between the employer and the new employee with instant feedback to further improve the integration process for future employees.